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SYLAN System  

SYLAN is a system of devices enabling to transfer voice and data using many different telecommunication media. Briefly speaking, it is a system of integrated encrypting phones with modem functionality working on PSTN, ISDN, GSM, IP, and Satellite. The system is spread along the media as well as along user needs. Some terminals support Public Key Infrastructure to provide strong authentication to the SYLAN System while other - mainly dedicated to the business not - to simplify usage. They differ in construction, security level and prices. The whole (except satellite) SYLAN system diagram you can see on the figure below.

Public Key Infrastructure is supported by TEACUP which executes functionality of Certificate Authority and Registration Authority.

SYLAN System was designed by TechLab 2000 in all details. Hence it can be prepared to meet special user requirements. In addition Software Open Architecture enables the user to implement independent security mechanisms such as authentication and encryption.

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